What Actors And Actresses From “The Fifth Element” Appear 2 And Half A Decades After It First Aired

One of the most popular films among moviegoers , The Fifth Element has become a cult classic and a timeless movie as time keeps passing. Milla Jovovich, for example, is best remembered for playing the role that set the basis for her career’s takeoff.

Nonetheless, time isn’t kind at all to the stars, causing them to look significantly different from their appearance in the movie 25 years ago. Here we’d like to present how the performers in this science fiction classic have aged over the years.

1. Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth1Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © A day to die / Hood River Entertainment and co-producers

An already famous actor at the time, Willis had already collaborated with a number of notable filmmakers. He portrays Korben Dallas, the main character, in the movie directed by Luc Besson.

Willis had an extremely active career throughout his life. He appeared in eight movies in 2021, including Apex and Deadlock. He is set to feature in A Day to Die in 2022, but health issues have caused him to withdraw from performing.

2. Milla Jovovich as Leeloo

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth2Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © millajovovich / Instagram

Jovovich was 22 at the time she portrayed Leeloo. Quickly, she became an instant movie icon, paving the way for her to more movies, particularly action flicks. She continued to feature in the Resident Evil franchise years later. Now Jovovich is kind of active with 2 projects in development, namely Hummingbird and In the Lost Lands, both directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, her husband.

3. Gary Oldman as Zorg

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth3Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts / Warner Horizon Television and co-producers

The primary antagonist, Zorg, was portrayed by Gary Oldman, though this wasn’t the first time he collaborated with director Luc Besson, because he had done it before in an identical role in Leon: The Professional. His career went on to shine, even earning him an Academy Award for Best Actor in The Darkest Hour. He would feature in a streaming platform series named Slow Horses in 2022.

4. Charlie Creed-Miles as David

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth4Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © Gunfight at Dry River / Transition Films and co-producers

Charlie Creed-Miles played David, an anxious trainee monk on a mission to preserve the Earth. Following this movie, he went on to star in English films and television programs. We last saw him appearing in the western Gunfight at Dry River, which was released in 2021. He is currently shooting The Chelsea Cowboy.

5. Maïwenn as The Diva

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth5Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © CANAL+ Cinéma / Youtube

The mysterious Diva Patalaguna, an alien with a seductive voice who was also guarding the Earth discreetly, was portrayed by Maïwenn. Besson cast the actress since she was already well-known in French movies.

She is already a well-known director today. DNA, which she released in 2020, earned positive reviews from critics. She is now working on a film with Johnny Depp about Louis XV.

6. Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth6Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © christucker / Instagram

Tucker portrayed the quirky radio talk show host who succeeds in rescuing the world together with our main character despite being in the wrong location at the wrong time. He maintained his career as a comedian, starring alongside Jackie Chan in films such as Rush Hour. He is currently devoted entirely to comedy in his stand-up performance, which he performs across the United States.

7. Christopher Fairbank as Mactilburgh

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth7Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © Everett Collection/East News

The doctor who saves Leeloo at one point in the story is portrayed by Christopher Fairbank, an accomplished English actor who has starred in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Guardians of the Galaxy. He appeared in the English comedy All My Friends Hate Me in 2021.

8. Mathieu Kassovitz as Mugger

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth8Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Mathieu Kassovitz is a well-known actor and director in his native France. He just appears for a few seconds in this scene, in a humorous role. He is still playing in more serious roles today, which has earned him multiple acting prizes in his home France.

9. Sam Douglas as Chief of Police

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth9Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers, © Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Legendary Entertainment and co-producers

Sam Douglas had a very small role as one of the policemen, however, it was the beginning of a great career that has allowed him to act in 41 films in supporting roles. This year, we saw him in the new version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that was released on a streaming platform.

Bonus Trivia

What Actors And Actresses From The Fifth10Source: © The Fifth Element / Gaumont and co-producers

Milla Jovovich had little issue learning and refining the “Divine Language” spoken by Leeloo, which was devised by co-writer and director Luc Besson and improved by Milla Jovovich, who was already skilled in four languages. There were just 400 words in the language. As practice, the director and Jovovich conversed and wrote letters to each other in the language. They were able to have full dialogues in this language at the end of filming.

When Besson was in high school, he penned the original screenplay. As a child, he had imagined the tale of this film and its setting in order to escape his lonely existence. He began composing the script when he was 16 years old, but it was not released until he was 38 years old.

When The Diva sings, Bruce Willis’ expression of awe is genuine. He’d never heard it before, and he’d never seen the woman in full makeup.

Milla Jovovich was chosen from over 3,000 applicants for the part of Leeloo.

Besson didn’t have to let the financiers on site or show them any video because he went much over budget.

Leeloo’s full name is “Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat.”

The role of Leeloo was considered for Julia Roberts.

It’s one of the rare films in history in which the protagonist and antagonist never speak to each other or are even aware of each other’s existence.

Jovovich was cast as Leeloo, because according to Beeson says, “Milla has the physical thing, she can be from the past or the future. She can be an Egyptian or a Roman. She can be Nefertiti, and she can be from outer space. That was one thing that I liked physically about her.”

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