Newest Horizon Forbidden West Update Now Allows You To Switch Off Collecting Items Animation

The most recent update to Horizon Forbidden West allows players to turn off Aloy’s item-picking animation.

The newest patch for Guerrilla’s sequel secretly adds a clever little feature, as highlighted by the Horizon Forbidden West subreddit thread earlier today. It turns out that if you go to the ‘General’ part of the ‘Settings’ menu, you can turn off Aloy’s item pickup animation at any time, thereby removing it from the game.

As the author of the post points out, turning this function off just lets Aloy grab stuff as she travels, rather than pausing in her tracks as she would usually. Extracting the functionality really speeds up Horizon Forbidden West quite a bit, allowing Aloy to dash across the landscape and quickly acquire medical supplies, rocks, and other objects.

In the current patch notes for Horizon Forbidden West, this small update received very little attention. The Forbidden West is strewn with goods of all sorts and sizes, including herbs for Aloy’s health, flowers that can be converted into dye for the protagonist’s armor, and much more, as you’ll know if you’ve played Guerrilla’s mammoth sequel.

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