How to get Whetstone in V Rising

Looking for Whetstones in V Rising? You may be an immortal capable of tracking the blood of your prey across whole continents, but when it comes to sniffing out the location of a small but annoyingly useful lump of stone, your supernatural powers really don’t live up to the task.

But that’s alright, because below you’ll find the answers you seek. In this guide we’ll show you exactly where to find Whetstone in V Rising, and we’ll also divulge the secret of how to craft your own Whetstones using the Furnace.

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Where to find Whetstone in V Rising

Whetstones in V Rising are commonly found on and around bandits. So if you want to find lots of Whetstone in a short space of time, the best place to look is one of the larger bandit camps in the Farbane Woods. Check the map below for an idea of where to go to get Whetstone early on in the game.

A map of the Farbane Woods in V Rising, with the locations where you can find Whetstone circled in orange.

Once you’ve found a bandit-populated area, open up your map and hover over the area to get a preview of the resources and materials you can find there. If the list includes Whetstone, then you’re good to go!

You’re not likely to find more than a handful of Whetstones per visit to each bandit camp, but you can find them just about anywhere inside these locations. They might be on the corpses of enemy bandits, or hidden inside chests. They might even appear as loot if you destroy a nearby barrel or crate.

How to craft Whetstone in V Rising

Fortunately there’s a more reliable way to get your hands on Whetstones for crafting the next tier of gear and weaponry: craft them yourself.

You can craft a Whetstone using a Furnace, but at first the recipe is locked to you. To unlock the recipe, you must defeat Grayson The Armourer, a level 27 boss located in the south of the Farbane Woods. Check out our V Rising boss locations guide to find the exact location of this adversary.

Once Grayson is defeated, return to your Furnace and you’ll find the recipe to craft Whetstones has been unlocked. You can craft 1 Whetstone out of 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust. To learn about these materials, check out our guides on how to get Copper and Stone Bricks (of which Stone Dust is a byproduct).

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