DNF Duel Story Mode trailer released

Story Modes within fighting games have grown exponentially in terms of size and scope over the past decade or so, but the way developers approach them still vary wildly between each other and different projects.

Neople has released the official Story Mode trailer for DNF Duel tonight, which gives us our first taste of how the tale of Dungeon Fighter Online is being handled for the spin-off.

It appears as though Arc System Works is going back to more of the BlazBlue / Persona 4 Arena style of Story Modes with DNF’s looking like a motion comic / visual novel instead of in-game cutscenes that they’ve put together more recently in Guilty Gear Strive and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

There’s few details to pull on what the tale will actually be about, but we do get to see the Berserker being hunted down by the Vanguard’s troop while the Fighter is hiding from imperial soldiers.

Things appear to be overall dire too considering the Dragon Knight is laying on the ground defeated with her and her companion covered in blood before mentioning “another distortion of spacetime.”

The only “new” character we get to see in the trailer is the Demon Slayer Hound Cyrus, and though she looks cool, we probably shouldn’t expect to see her on the launch roster, considering the cast has already leaked.

For the majority of us who probably don’t know much about the world of Dungeon Fighter, DNF Duel is also going to include a glossary to help flesh out characters, organizations, regions and concepts that’ll be included in the fighter.

Of course, the game will also come packing a built-in gallery mode too that features unlockable illustrations, sounds, voices and movies.

You can check out the story trailer for DNF Duel below.

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